100% face mask could shut down future COVID-19 waves

Hopefully by now, you already have your own cloth mask (and if you haven't, see my New Additions for inspiration!), but the good news is that it seems that masks are working to help stave off the spread of COVID-19. In a new modeling study out of Cambridge and Greenwich universities, it's suggested that mask wearing is a key instrument in preventing future outbreaks of the new coronavirus.

To help keep COVID-19 from resurging, the number of people who contract the disease from one infected person needs to drop below 1.0. In order to achieve that, researchers recommend that a combination of lockdowns and widespread mask use may do the trick. The rest gets a little techy...

According to a paper published Wednesday by the Proceedings of the Royal Society A, it seems this reproduction number can be decreased below 1 with this combination. Again the scientists behind the paper suggest that this could diminish the spread of the disease, preventing a resurgence over the next 18 months while we await a vaccine. But equally important, their findings demonstrated that when people wear masks in public, it is twice as effective at reducing the spread of the disease, than if a face covering is worn after symptoms appear.

Science Focus quoted the study’s lead author, Dr Richard Stutt, as saying, “Our analyses support the immediate and universal adoption of face masks by the public.”

So yup, yet another reminder to wear your mask when out and about, and as we'll be wearing them for the forseeable future, take a look at what's available to stay safe!